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11TH STREETNNeus Lloveras Arranz18-1911th street11th Street
      135. 11th Street
24 BY 24IEls quatre18-1924 by 2424 by 24
      134. Twenty Four x Twenty Four - Gord Bamford
ABOUT USIJohnny18-19about Us
      133. About Us - Drew Gregory
A DIFFERENT SUMMERNNeus Llovera Arranz20-21A different summer
      132. Beer Can't Fix (feat. Jon Pardi) - Thomas Rhett
A FATHER'S LOVEITeo Lattanzio18-19A-Fathers-Love_frA father's love
      131. A Father's Love - Bucky Covington
ALWAYS SINGNCathy Dumoulin18-19ALWAYS-SINGAlways Sing
      130. ALWAYS SING - RaeLynn
AMICIILéo et Manu20-21Amici-Eng
      129. Amici - Ira Wolf
ANYWHEREALaura Jones19-20AnywhereAnywhere
      128. Anywhere - MacKenzie Porter
BETTER THAN THATIAlgaly Fofana Manu Santosbetter-than-thatBetter than That
      127. Better Than That - Scotty McCreery
BIG BANGNAdriano Castagnoli18-19Big BangBig Bang
      126. BIG BANG - Travis Tritt
BOUNDLESSIAnna Taroni18-19Boundless
      125. Boundless - The Crazy Bulls Band
BREAKFASTIMontse Moscardo18-19Breakfast_Montse-Moscardo_FRBreakfast
      124. Breakfast - Aaron Watson
BREAKING HORSESNMercè Orriols18-19Breaking-Horsesreaking Horses
      123. Breaking horses - Dustin Evans
BRUNCHNPol F. Ryan19-20BrunchVideo
      122. BRUNCH - Josh Grider
BY AND BYILilly et Mario19-20BY AND BYVideo
      121. By And By - The Olson Band
CATANENGabi & Paqui18-19Catane_frCatane
      120. CATANE - The Judds
COFFEEIAlgaly Fofana Manu SantosCoffee Coffee-EnglishCoffeeCoffee All
      119. Coffee - Keith Urban
COLDERDAdriano Castagnoli19-20COLDERVideo
      118. COLDER - Jack Ingram
COME OVERIAlgaly Fofana Manu SantosCome overCome over
      117. Come Over - Kenny Chesney
CONFIDENCEIJust Us18-19Confidence
      116. Confidence - Old Crow Medicine Show
COWBOY LIFENAdriano Castagnoli18-19Cowboy Lifeowboy Life
      115. COWBOY LIFE - Aaron Lines
CRAZY FOR YOUIVirginie Barjaud18-19Crazy-for-UCrazy for You
      114. Crazy for you
DANISH TRIPNAlgaly Fofana Manu SantosDanish-TripDanish Trip
      113. Danish Trip - Granger Smith
DAY OF VICTORYNPol Ryan18-19Day-Of-VictoryDay of victory
      112. Day Of Victory - Slim Attraction
DEADLINEIAlgaly Fofana Manu Santosdeadline deadline-EnDeadline
      111. Deadline - Darryl Worley
DEEP IN MY HEARTALilly et Mario19-20Deep In My HeartVideo
      110. DEEP IN MY HEART - Shane Filan
DESTINYNLeo Regnier Manu Santos19-20Destiny Destiny-EngDestiny
      109. Destiny - Taylor Swift
DEVIL'S SIDEIThe unknows18-19Devil's SideDevil's Side
      108. Devil's Side - Moonlight Social
DIRT ROADIAlgaly Fofana Manu SantosDirt Road Dirt Road EnDirt Roasd
      107. Dirt Road - DIRT ROAD - Jason Bradley
DON'T FORGETIJimmy Andre19-20Video
      106. DON'T FORGET
DRINKING TONIGHTNAnna Taroni19-20Drinking TonightDrinking tonight
      105. Drinking Tonight - Chancey Williams & The Younger Brothers Band
DUSTDVictor Manuel Rodriguez Avarez18-19DustDust
      104. Dust - Trent Tomlinson
DUTTON RANCHIAnna Taroni20-21Dutton Ranch
      103. Heavy Like the Rain - Kevin Costner & Modern West
ELIZABETHAFederica Dall'Aglio20-21ELIZABETH-FRENCHElizabeth
      102. Elizabeth - Hickman-Dalton Gang
FALL FOR MEAWant U19-20Fall for me-fr

Fall for me-Eng
Fall for me
      101. Fall for Me - Sunny Sweeney
FEEL LIKE THATNEdu Roldos18-19Feel-Like-ThatFeel Like That
      100. Feel Like That - The Washboard Union
FIRST ROUNDIYoung Generation19-20First-Roundvideo
      99. FIRST ROUND - Stef Manfredi
FIRST TIMEAAlgaly Fofana Manu SantosFirst timeFirst time
      98. First Time - Dierks Bentley
FOM HEARTIRosa Ventura19-20From Heart
      97. FROM HEART
FOOLISH LOVENYurka Blasko20-21Foolish Love
      96. My Heart's Got a Memory - Eric Church
FORGE AHEADIMontse Moscardo19-20Forge-Ahead-English version Forge-Ahead_catVideo
      95. FORGE AHEAID - Austin Merrill
FREEWAYAThe Youngsters19-20Freeway
      94. Freeway - Lee Kernaghan
GET OUTAEdu Roldos
Time out
18-19Get Out
      93. Get Out - Dan Davidson
GOD IS GOODIThe Dreamers18-19Good-is-Good

God is good
      92. God Is Good - Paul Overstreet
GONE ENOUGHAManu et Algaly et Bruno19-20GONE ENOUGH GONE ENOUGH-EngVideo
      91. GONE ENOUGH - William Michael Morgan
GONE WESTIBRUNO MOREL19-20gone-westvideo
      90. GONE WEST - Gone West
      89. GOOD ADVENTURE - Jake Owen
GOOD MEMORIESNAdriano Castagnoli19-20Good memoriesVideo
      88. Good Memories - Lexi Larsen
GOOSEBUMPSNManu SantosGoosebumps Goosebumps-EngGoosebumps
      87. Goosebumps - Granger Smith
GREEN EYED TEXAS ANGELIBruno Moggia19-20Green Eyed Texas Angel
      86. Green-Eyed Texas Angel - Darrin Morris Band
GUESS WHATIMontse Moscardo Pol Ryan19-20Video
      85. GUESS WHAT - Easton Corbin
HANNAHIAlgaly Fofana Manu SantosHannahHannah
      84. Hannah - Granger Smith
HONEYSUCKLEDDaniela Bartos18-19honeysuckle-frHoneysuckle
      83. Honey Bee - Blake Shelton
I'M NOT PRETTYNAnna Taroni20-21I'm not pretty
      82. I'm Not Pretty - Shannon Hynes
I GOT YOUIVirgine Barjaud18-19I-Got-You_frI got you
      81. I Got You - Johnny Brady
I JUST DOINeza Kritz20-21I just do - frI just do
      80. How Do You Know - QUEEVA
IT'S A JOKEIAlgaly Fofana Manu SantosIt's a Joke It's a joke - EnglishIt's a JokeIt's a Joke
      79. It's a Joke - Ritchie Remo
ITACANNeus Lloveras19-20Itaca
      78. Itaca - Buddy Brown
JOLENEIVirginie Barjaud18-19JOLENE - FrenchJolene
      77. JOLENE
KISS THAT GIRLATeo Lattanzio19-20video
      76. KISS-THAT-GIRL - Aaron Watson
Just Us
18-19Last-CallLast Call
      75. LAST CALL - Old Crow Medicine Show
LETTING GOIThe Dreamers19-20letting goLettin' Go
      74. Lettin' Go - Josh Kelley
LIFE IN DREAMSIAlgaly Fofana Manu SantosLife_in_dreams Life in dreams enLife in dreams
      73. Life in Dreams - High Valley
LIKE A STONEDVirginie Barjaud19-20LIKE A STONEVideo
      72. LIKE-A-STONE - Chris Cummings
LOOKING FOR SOMEONEITeddy Fournet18-19LOOKING FOR SOMEONE - Fiche ChoréeLooking for Someone
      71. Looking for someone - Tara Thompson
LOVE AGAINNLaura Lopez20-21Love Again
      70. Never Loved Before (with Martina McBride) - Alan Jackson
LOVE ANOTHER DAYIFederica Dell'Aglio19-20Love Another DayLove another day
      69. Love Another Day - David Boyd Janes
LOVE ITNMontse Moscardo18-19Love ItLove it
      68. Hard Not to Love It - Steve Moakler
MAKE YOU SMILENLaura Jones18-19MAKE YOU SMILEMake you smile
      67. I'm Not Alright - Shotgun Rider
MISS GOLLUMIAlgaly Fofana Manu SantosMiss Gollum Miss Gollum EngMiss Gollum
      66. Miss Gollum - Logan Mize
MISS OUR DAYSNPol Ryan18-19Miss-Our-DaysMiss our days
      65. Miss Our Days - All Woods
MUST BE SEEING BLINDNNeza Kritz20-21Seeing Blind
      64. Seeing Blind - Niall Horan & Maren Morris
MYLANIManu & AlgalyMylan

      63. Mylan - Chase Bryant
MY ROOTSIDavid Villellas19-20My-Roots_frVideo
      62. My Roots - Taylon Hope
NEVER FALLILéo Reignier Manu Santos19-20Never Fall Never fall-EnNever Fall
      61. Never Fall - Josh Wilson
NEVER FORGETAFederica Dall'Aglio20-21Never ForgetNever Forget
      60. Never Forget - Sean Stemaly
NEXT GIRLISarah Ro20-21Next Girl
      59. Next Girl - Carly Pearce
NIOLONIJohnny 18-19NIOLON frenchNiolon
      58. NIOLON - Homegrown Band
NO NEED TO BEAAnna Taroni18-19No_Need_To_Be_ScriptNo Need to Be
      57. No Need to Be - The Crazy Bulls Band
NO STONEIJgor Pasin19-20NO STONEVideo
      56. NO-STONE - Randy Houser
ONE NIGHTIVirgine Barjaud Algaly Fofana Manu Santos18-19ONE NIGHT - FrenchOne night
      55. ONE NIGHT - Kyle Park
PARADISENAdriano Castagnoli18-19PARADISEParadise
      54. PARADISE - George Canyon
PARISIAnna Campmajo (Just Us)19-20Video
      53. PARIS- Sunday Paper - Calaisa

      52. Peace - O.A.R.
PEACEFUL EASY FEELINGDBruno Moggia et David Prestor19-20Peaceful & EasyVideo
PEACEFUL LANDNJurka Blazko19-20PEACEFUL-LAND_beginner_10-2019Peaceful Land
      50. Peaceful Land - Ronnie Bowman
PERFECT SUNSETISylvia Denise Staiti18-19Perfect-Sunset_frPerfect Sunset
      49. Perfect Sunset - George Canyon
PRESENT HEROESNAlgaly Fofana Manu SantosPresent Heroes FR Present Heroes ENPresent Heroes
      48. Present-Heroes - The Crazy Bulls Band
PRETTY MAEIJgor Pasin18-19Pretty-Mae-English-1

Pretty Mae
      47. Pretty Mae - Phil Vassar
RED CARPETIPol et Algaly19-20Red_CarpetVideo
      46. RED CARPET - Trea Landon
RELAXIManu & AlgalyRelaxRelax
      45. Relax - High Valey
RIGHT WAYALimited Edition19-20Right-Wayvideo
      44. RIGHT WAY - Parker Redmond
SEVEN YEARSIThe Dreamers19-20Seven yearsSeven Years
      43. Seven Years - Damian Howard
SHAKING GROUNDALaura Jones19-20shaking-groundVideo
      42. SHAKING GROUND - Jess and the Bandits
SIESTAIManu & AlgalySiesta

      41. Siesta - Lisa McHugh
SIMPLEILaure Jones18-19S.I.M.P.L.ESimple
      40. Simple - Florida Georgia Line
SIRENSATeo Lattanzio19-20SirensVideo
      39. SIRENS - Lee Brice
SO HOTIManu et Algaly19-20SO HOTvideo
      38. SO HOT - Allwoods
SOMEBODY TO YOUITeo Lattanzio20-21
      37. Somebody To You - The Vamps
      36. SOMETIME AGO - James Wesley
SO SMILEIManu et Leo19-20SO SMILE So Smile-EngVideo
      35. SO SMILE - Sidewalk Prophets
STAR IN THE SKYIThe Dreamers20-21Star in the skyStar in the sky
      34. Star in the sky - Jackson Tillman
STAY CLOSEISilvia Florido
Pol Perry
20-21Stay Close
      33. Stay Close - Justin Moore
STILL GONNA BEIVirginie Barjaud18-19Still-Gonna-Be

Still gonna be
      32. Still gonna be
SWEET ERIKADDavid Villellas et Montse19-20SWEET ERIKAVideo
      31. SWEET ERIKA - Blake Shelton
SWEET REBECCAIManu & Algalysweet-rebeccaSweet Rebecca
      30. Sweet Rebecca - Beccy Cole
SWINGIN' GIRLNManu & AlgalySwingin girl

Swingin girl Eng
Swingin' Girl
      29. Swingin' Girl - Edens Edge
TALKING TO MELINADThierry Grangeon19-20fiche talking to MelinaVideo
      28. TALKING TO A GIRL - William Michael Morgan
TALK TO YOUISilvia Florido
Pol Perry
20-21Talk to you
      27. Talk to You - Allwoods
      26. THE COUNTRY FEVER - MacKenzie Porter
THE ONE I NEEDIBruno Moggia18-19THE ONE I NEEDThe one I need
      25. The one I need - Jack County
THERE IS A FIREITeo Lattanzio18-19THERE-IS-A-FIREThere is a fire
      24. There Is a Fire - National Park Radio
THE YELLOW TOWNNDavid Villellas18-19The-Yellow-TownThe Yellow town
      23. Road to Our Town - Jayne Denham
THISIManu & AlgalythisThis
      22. This - Darius Rucker
THREE TEACHERSNDavid Villellas Montse Sweet Araceli19-20Three-Teachers_fr-1Video
THURSDAYIMontse Moscardo19-20Video
      20. THURSDAY - Lonestar
TIME FOR CHANGENAdriano Castagnoli18-19TIME-FOR-CHANGETime for change
      19. TIME FOR CHANGE - Same Ol' Love - Ricky Skaggs
TIME TO GON/IMerce Orriols19-20Time-To-Go_Merce-Orriols_FRTime to go
      18. Time to Go - Tracy Lawrence
TOUCH OF HEAVENNSilvia Denise Staiti19-20Touch-Of-HeavenVideo
      17. TOUCH OF HEAVEN - Tony Ramey
TRAILER HITCHIManu & AlgalyTrailer Hitch

Trailer Hitch-Eng
Trailer Hiitch
      16. Trailer Hitch - Eamonn Jackson
TRY AGAINIJohnny18-19tryagainTry Again
      15. Try Again - The Lovelocks
UNBROKENIThe dreamers18-19UNBROKENUnbroken
      14. Unbroken - Rockie Lynne
WACKYABruno Moggia18-19WackyWacky
      13. WACKY - jamie-talbert
WELCOMEIManu & AlgalyWelcome-EnglishWelcome
      12. Welcome - The Sunny Cowgirls
WELCOME HOMEDAdriano Castagnoli19-20WELCOME HOMEVideo
      11. WELCOME HOME - George Strait
WHAT DO YOU SAYADavid Villellas et Silvia Denise Staiti19-20What Do You Say Style CatalanVideo
      10. WHAT DO YOU SAY - Dierks Bentley
WHATEVERIAlgaly Fofana Manu SantosWHATEVERWhatever
      9. Whatever - Drew McAlister
Gianmardo Rossatto Johnny
      8. When I'm Gone - The Wild Horses
WILD AND FREENLaura Jones18-19Wild-Free_en2Wild and Free
      7. WILD & FREE - Chancey Williams & The Younger Brothers Band
WINGS OF HOPEILéo et Manu20-21Wings of Hope - EngWings of HopeWings of Hope
      6. Without a Prayer - Tim & The Glory Boys
WORDSIDavid Villelas19-20Words_frVideo
      5. WORDS - Michael Tyler
WYNCHESTERIAdriano Castagnoli18-19THE WINCHESTERWynchester
      4. Wynchester - Wynchester
YOUNG AND CRAZYIJimmy André18-19young and crazyyoung and Crazy
      3. Young and crazy - Frankie Ballard
YOUNG ENOUGHNVictor Manuel Rodriguez Alvarez18-19young-enoughYoung enough
      2. Young Enough To Know It All - Chad Brock - Topic
YOUR NAMEILéo et Manu20-21Your Name
Your Name Eng
Your Name
      1. Your Name - Train